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6 hrs left to bid on my painting…
A GIVE AWAY at the moment!! THis is a 100% original painting of mine, acrylic on canvas, 14 x 18" so not a mini, unbelievable price for this. Ends soon!
Hi there all, and a happy Easter! :-)

I am just writing here to announce my brand new shiny website, with all of my recent work and news, and a new sae page.

It is at

Love you to visit!! xxx

thanks again for all your lovely comments on my artwork .
Morning all!!!!!!

Just a little note to say a huge and grateful thanks for all your lovely comments, messages and 'favourites'
I am so busy that I just don't have time to thank everyone personally, which makes me :( :( ...
I cant keep up!!

Again, many many thanks for your kind words, you fabby people (with great taste in paintings, lol) xxx
My new little study of a Welsh pony is up for auction on Ebay!…

no reserve, start price 99p, and free P&P!
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my artwork I am so touched. I am also belatedly thankful for my birthday messages which I missed at the time. Thanks *blush*  ;)

I have been really concentrating on my acrylic painting at the moment, I am absolutely loving it and am working hard on improving my skills.

I have done a few large originals which I am really pleased with.
I have listed my latest mini painting on ebay, its an 8x6 original from my gallery, unframed but varnished and ready to go... starting at just 99p and postage of £1 ...could be a ridiculous bargain!!!!!!!!!!!…

Happy painting!
I have a new facebook page dedicated to my artwork!
Come and join my friends at!/pa…
I also have some new work happening the moment, a trio of border collie dogs. Check it out on my blog (link on the FB page also)
I feel really (but happily) busy at the moment, I have a submission next week for a Cambridge Art group, so I have my fingers crossed that they like my work enough to make me a member. I am also working towards an entry to the Society of Equestrian Artists, My new drawing Adreneline being a definate entry so far, but only 2 months left and a few more to complete yet! Commission queries are flooding in, I dont advertise as such but people still find me, I would like a quiet month or two to get my entries done though. :)
I have also sold another original painting, off my own wall which is great. (No gallery commission!)
I am so looking forward to the better weather coming, I cant wait to get to some nice horsey events with my camera! I am also looking at a pony tonight for my children as we are getting an equine friend.
Happy days. :)
I have recently decided to focus my work on Coloured pencil. Though I enjoy painting, I just never feel entirely satisfied with the final works, putting so much of yourself into an artwork and beating yourself up about it at the end is no fun!!!
Anyway, I have a new coloured pencil equine work on my blog. I am enjoying it so much I really think I made the right choice. Now its the long road to being the best coloured pencil artist that I can!
My blog shows the WIP
I have a new painting as a WIP on my Blog
or on my facebook page…
its a large oil painting this time, if anyone is interested.

And thanks a million for commenting on my work guys...
You're the best! :)
I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to anyone who has featured my work,especially Boribaby, cascadance and Nutlu, you guys are awesome!!! :D :D
I have had so many lovely comments, watchers and faves, that I couldnt possibly thank everyone personally, so here is a HUGE thank you very much for all your  lovely comments and for watching me. I hope I dont let you down, I have a horse portrait almost finished to post, its one of my favourites so far and Im looking forward to sharing. I have so many things planned for 2010 lots of originals to draw. Heres hoping it will be an inspirational and positive year for all of us!

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I am very pleased that several of my recent paintings will be for sale in the Xmas exhibition at Darryl Nantais Gallery, Linton, Cambridge, from 4th - 24th December 2009.…
Paintings of mine availiable include 'Sales Chat', 'The Debut' 'The GlanceII' 'Walking out' 'The Rehearsal' 'Littleman' 'A Diamond in the Rough' and others.
Any local peeps please have a look in, its a lovely little gallery in a pretty Village.

In the meantime, I am still working on Christmas commissions which should appear on my blog very shortly.
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I am over the moon to announce my new website
and a new blog - which will grow very soon :)
I am really pleased with it! Work on my art is going so well at the moment, and I have a new GSD pup 'Kobi' to keep me company too.
Still missing having a horse though, especially on lovely sunny summer days :(

Hope everyone else is enjoying a wonderful summer..

Steph x
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Oh bum dont you just hate it when you type loads and lose it when you click??? GRRRRR
Anyway. start over.
Life in general...looking up! After two great commissions its time to concentrate on the equestrian exhibition I want to enter. I have to submit 3 works by the end of the month and the standard is just astonishingly high. I have so far chosen, 'the final touches' 'the diamond in the rough' and 'the eyecatcher' but I am hoping to do at least one more so that I have a bigger choice. I wish it were paintings and not pencils I was submitting but the ony one I could enter is 'the yearlings' which I am very disappointed with and is out of the running. No time to do a new painting now :(
I dont think I have much chance of getting in but Ill give it a shot!

Started a big diet today urgh, have to really :S but on the plus side, looks like I am getting a young horse at the end of the year. Yay!!!
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Whilst enjoying a much appreciated warm sunny week in the UK I have finished my Oil Painting 'The Yearlings' Hurrah! Now on to a new oil painting which will be worked on alongside another coloured pencil or two. Im now off to chose my final subjects...I love this bit. :)
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So, with no school runs to do *yay* I am hoping to get this oil painting coming along a bit, I have done about half now. I have so much work in planning its a case of which do I want to do first lol.
I love my arty days !!!
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Saturday...yippeee yip yip
No school for the ankle biters so still in my jammies, lol.
Going to get Arty again today I hope, though I have a friends horse for the weekend (which is pants as its raining :()  The watercolour drawing is going well, if a bit tricky. the Oil painting is still tacky this morning, Im annoyed, as I want to get going boo hooo!

Hope you all have a top weekend work hard, play hard. relax harder, lol
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I have 2 on the go today, & quite excited about it!!!
The first is an oil painting of three of our Studs yearling fillies, a photo that I took myself in the summer. I have blocked in the basics and nearly finished the soon as it dries im starting it proper.
The second is a detailed watercolour of a horse being walked out for potential buyers at Tattersalls, Newmarket (UK) I dont normally do watercolour so its a bit of a big experiment for me! Im planning on doing a super detailed line drawing first.  
I will hopefully put them on my blog on my site today.
Also good news, my coloured pencil drawing of the African big five (I will upload it in a mo to the gallery) arrived safe and well in Johannesberg S.Africa and is being framed. It had a long journey but they are thrilled with it!
:) ;);)
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I am wishing there were more hours in the day at the moment, I have one c.pencil work nearly complete but 3 in the planning....2 pastel and an oil. i wish I could just wake....paint.... and sleep, but dont think the family would appreciate it!!!  
I am very excited about my art this week, I have several brilliant ref photos which I took on the gallops and around Newmarket..big projects but I cant wait to get stuck in! All I have to decide is which to do first.
I will share my completed pencil (a horse, of course) later today when its done. I had done it with submission to an art society exhibition but not sure if its as 'great' as I had hoped.
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Having a pants day as have been told my loan horse has got to be sold by his hoo...
But on the plus side I have started to prep a canvas for an oil painting, the artwork is moving along now! I will need it as a distraction as I will miss my lovely horse. :(  :( His portrait 'Murphy' is in my gallery. I will always treasure it.
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Decided today that my last commission is paying for a new set of pastels...just ordered the most gorgeous set of conte carres crayons...Im so excited cant wait to get started! I have a gorgeous race pic I took on the gallops this week (Newmarket heath) Watch this space...hurry postie!